Our Promise To You

When we began crafting Timberwolf’s recipes 25 years ago, each recipe had one focus, delivering a diet that was instinctive to your pet’s appetite.  This method of feeding required an in-depth look to our wild instinctive prey of choice. These choices included herbivores such as buffalo and deer, that provided the nutritional cravings seen in Wild Wolves and Big Cats.

While many pet food options focus solely on the protein source, what separates Timberwolf’s diets is its addition of herbs and veggies that these herbivore prey graze on. Each of these ingredients is catered to promote a specific function ranging from gut health after digestion to long term immune system health. 

Each Timberwolf diet is focused on providing pet parents with a diet that they can both be proud of and trust. Our promise to our customers is that every Timberwolf bag is a reflection of our mission for delivering high quality instinctive recipes.

Timberwolf promises 100% satisfaction with the purchase of any of our formulas from any of our authorized retailers which is also covered by Timberwolf’s  guarantee.

Rotational Diet

In the wild, animals run on instinct. In the face of danger, they flee; when hungry they hunt. But instinct isn’t mindless, it’s simply nature’s grand plan. Like us, animals get bored eating the same thing day after day, which is why it simply isn’t done. Not to mention that with a limited diet comes a limited nutrition.

A dog in the wild, for instance, doesn’t fish for salmon every day of the week. A wild dog will go after deer one day, and may hunt for chickens at a nearby farm the next. This is their instinctive appetite in full effect.

We humans may think we have the upper hand over our four-legged friends when it comes to smarts - but instinct is the wisdom of nature, and our pets have that in spades. At Timberwolf, we don’t fight nature, we nurture it - which is why we designed all our pet foods to be rotational. Venison, Buffalo, Whitefish, Salmon, and Lamb - each protein has slightly different nutrients. After all, variety is the spice of life, but for to your pets, it’s a survival instinct.

All Life Stages

All Timberwolf dog and cat food diets are formulated for all life stages. This means you can feed our diets from puppy, all the way through senior adulthood.

Quality is Our Concern: Trust in Us

At Timberwolf we believe in using the highest quality ingredients - include hormone and antibiotic free meat, pulley and fish. Every farmer, ranger, fisherman and producer supply use us with ingredients and products must meet or exceed our strict health, safety and quality assurance standards as well as be federally inspected and USDA/FDA approved.