Inspirational Military German Shepherd Names

Inspirational Military German Shepherd Names

So, you got a new furry friend! What is more, you got a friend that will shower you with unconditional love – for life!

But, of course you also have to make sure to take care of your new pup the right way! The first challenge coming your way is choosing the right name for your little buddy.

Sometimes, you want to base the name on your puppy’s character traits, and other times you want the name to simply be cute and descriptive. Whichever your choice, we have some inspiration for you!

So let’s begin!

Military ranks inspired names

If you got your German Shepherd because of its loyalty and strength, then these names are something to seriously consider.

Let’s see some names:

● Lieutenant

● General

● Brigadier

● Major

● Colonel

● Captain

● Sergeant

● Solider

Its good for a military German Shepherd name to express the breeds’ loyalty and strength.

Important rulers names

When we think of leaders, we think of them being strong and protective. And these are the qualities that, apart from loyalty and wits, make german shepherds the most popular military breeds.

Here comes a list of names:

● Ramesses – Ramesses II – the most famous pharaoh of Egypt. He was also the longest ruling pharaoh!

● Alexander – Alexander III of Macedon (or Alexander the Great) concurred almost half of the world.

● Caesar – Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leader of Rome, famous in history for expanding the Roman empire.

● Khan – Genghis Khan – the father of Mongolia, who united Mongol tribes and formed the Mongol empire.

● Elizabeth – Elizabeth I of England single-handedly ruled England! She was married to the state.

● Napoleon – Napoleon Bonaparte rose to fame after the French revolution as the new emperor after the monarchy was overthrown.

● George – George Washington was one of the founding fathers of America

● Winston – Winston Churchill the prime minister of the United Kingdom after during the Second World War.

● Spartacus – a Thracian gladiator who led the slave revolt.

Loyalty and wits make German Shepherds the most popular military breeds.

● William – William Tecumseh Sherman General of the United States Army during the American civil war.

● Horatio – Horatio Nelson a British flag officer who brought the British navy many victories during Napoleon’s time.

● Chester – Chester W. Nimitz, a military officer who led the American Pacific Navy during the Second World War.

● Ronald – Ronald Reagan introduced America First economy measures which decreased inflation and unemployment rates at the time.

● Bernard – Bernard Montgomery was a British army officer who took part in World War I, World War II, and the Irish War of Independence.

● Eleanor – Eleanor Roosevelt was feminist and civil rights icon, and the “longest-ruling first lady”

● Cleopatra – Cleopatra VII was the most famous female leader of Egypt in history. She helped form many political alliances and turn Egypt into one of the greatest powers.

● Joan – Joan of Arc helped the French army lift the siege of Orleans, and brought them many more victories.

● Victoria – Queen Victoria was a queen of England who brought about cultural, scientific, industrial, political, and military change, and she also strove to keep peace.

● Eva – Eva Perón started a foundation to poor and homeless by building homes and hospitals.

● Rosa – Rosa Parks was an African American civil rights activist, because of her defiance of laws against the African American people, she was nicknamed the first lady of civil rights.

● Margaret – Margaret Thatcher or the Iron Lady was a controversial leader who led towards destruction of Britain’s traditional industries, and the privatization of public transport and social housing.

God names

Well, if this was not enough, you could always give a name inspired by a god from world’s mythology. After all, there is nothing worldly that can quite compare to them, is there?

So let’s see those names!

● Jupiter – the king of the Roman Gods

● Juno – Roman goddess of women and fertility

● Mars – Roman god of war

● Venus – Roman goddess love and beauty

● Apollo – Roman god of music, archery, healing, poetry and truth

● Vesta – Roman goddess of hearth and home

● Osiris – Egyptian god of the underworld

● Horus – Egyptian sky god associated with war and hunting

● Seth – Egyptian god of chaos

● Hathor – Egyptian goddess motherhood and fertility

● Amon – Egyptian god of air

● Aphrodite – Greek the goddess of love, sex, and beauty

● Athena – Greek goddess of reason, wisdom, and war

● Artemis – Greek goddess of the hunt

● Ares – Greek god of war, half-brother of Athena

● Apollo – Greek deity of manifold function, many feared him

● Hades – Greek god of the underworld

● Hera – goddess of Olympus

● Zeus – Greek chief deity

Famous military dog names

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Yes! Perhaps you could honor one of the famous brave military dogs while naming your dog. Here are some examples of their names:

● Stubby – He was a highly decorated military dog who served during World War I. He alerted the soldiers of attack, and even caught a German spy!

● Sallie – she served in the 11th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War

● Nemo – Nemo was a German Shepherd dog who helped the American soldiers during the Vietnam war. He was on guard duty and honored for his services.

● Sarbi – she was a bomb detecting dog who served the Australian soldiers in Afghanistan

● Lex – another German Shepherd! He was honored for her service in Iraq, and received an honorable discharge from the military service after shrapnel pieces remained in some pieces in his body after an attack.

● Cairo – served the Navy Seals, and he had great moral sense as well!

● Valdo – He was a German Shepherd who served in Afghanistan as a bomb-sniffing dog.

● Lucca – a bomb-detecting dog, who completed two military tours!

Other names

If all of those names were not enough for inspiration, we have made a small assortment of other names for your furry friend.

Perhaps you could honor one of the famous brave military dogs while naming your dog.

Let’s quickly go through them as well!

● Sarge

● Scout

● Blue

● Tracker

● Duke

● Hooch

● Chip

● Gunner

● Boots

● Flash

● Storm

● Buzz

● Deputy

● Ritz

● Blitz

● Rango

● Ranger

● Tazz

● Bells

● Snoop

● Scooby

● Zippo

● Rifle

● Weson

● Glory

● Hudson

● Chevron

● Maxwell

● Lewis

● Remmy

● Fritz

● Gordon

● Flash

● Roger

● Ace

● Arrow

● Zippy

● Blitz

● Rush

● Bolt

● Fly

● Racer

● Turbo

● Dart

● Gant

● Sonic

● Brisk

● Lotus

● Judge

● Rags

● Marshal

● Blitz

● Eric

● Gunner

● Hector

● Kai

● Brock

● Bey

● Scout

There you have it, just some of the military German Shepherd names! Hopefully, we have somewhat inspired you, or even became the god-parent in naming your bundle of joy!