Female Warrior Names for Toughest Girl Dogs

Female Warrior Names for Toughest Girl Dogs

So, you got yourself a tiny tough girl dog. And now it is time to pick out the right name, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry – we got you covered! We compiled a list of female warrior names suitable for every tough girl.

Let’s get into it!

Strong female dog names

Naturally, when searching for a female warrior name for your dog, the first thing to come to mind are strong female dog names. So, let’s see if one of them is the perfect fit.

● Zelda

● Queen

● Toughie

● Jade

● Ember

● Xena

● Pisto

● Able

● Flair

● Ruby

● Hida

● Talon

● Sasha

● Amelia

● Maia

● Aretha

● Mae

● Ruth

● Ali

● Suni

● Venus

● Serena

● Naomi

● Hurricane

● Storm

● Skye

● Juno

● Panther

● Marvel

● Wanda

● Jovi

● Beastie

● Luna

● Zoe

● Nala

Cali, Astra or Roxie? Which tough girl is the best for this cute female dog warrior?

● Pepper

● Nova

● Leia

● Dacota

● Ava

● Maddie

● Blu

● Arya

● Lara

● Shadow

● Jinx

● Kali

● Red

● Astra

● Korra

● Sage

● Kaya

● Cleo

● River

● Sadie

● Roxy

● Izzy

● Maya

● Dolly

● Billie

● Nancy

● Marie

● Acadia

● Alexis

● Kitana

● Nyx

● Rogue

● Kaia

● Olympia

● Midnight

● Duchess

● Medusa

● Norma

● Case

● Kendra

● Elektra

● Akira

● Irma

● Damia

● Echo

● Chaka

● Blaze

● Nettie

● Pyro

● Vixen

● Harley

● Blair

● Vic or Victoria

● Dido

● Yuna

● Trixie

● Anya

● East

● Ronan

● Finn

● Hera

● Lexi

● Vance

● Ada

● Zara

● Willa

● Amari

● Isa

● Adira

● Maude

● Faye

● Luna

● May

● Rita

● Joli

Famous female warriors

If you are in pursuit of something more original, then why not explore one of these famous female warrior’s names.

 Kahina – a Berber religious and military leader. She led the resistance movement against Arab expansion in Northwest Africa

 Ankt or Neith – an Egyptian female warrior who developed aspects of a war goddess

 Cleopatra or Cleo – co-ruler of Egypt. SHe was believed to be a reincarnation of the goddess of wisdom

 Ahhotep – a woman in command of the Egyptian army

 Arawelo – A Somali queen

 Gudit – Ethiopian queen, a great warrior who attempted to exterminate the members of the ruling Axumite dynasty

 Amina (after Amina Sukhera) – a Muslim princess, who concurred many cities around northeast Nigeria

 Oya – The warrior-spirit of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic.

 Lozen – Chihenne Chiricahua Apache’s female warrior and prophet

 Jane (after Calamity Jane) – a warrior that gained fame by fighting the Native Americans

 Molly (after “Molly Pitchers”) who repelled the British during the War of Independence

 Mulan – a female warrior who went to fight disguised as a men

Why not explore one of these famous female warrior’s names?

 Mui (after Ng Mui) – a female warrior who designed kung fu moves specially for women

 Sun (after Sun Shangxiang) – she was the only female that fought the war alongside her husband during the three kingdoms period

 Marishi (after Marishi-Ten) – the goddess of who was adopted by the warriors

 Sima (after Queen Sima) – Queen of lower Cotabato, she was very just and respected the law

 Boudica – queen of the Brythonic Celtic Iceni people, who led an uprising against the Roman Empire

 Nora (after Nora of Kelmendi) – she was the greatest female warrior in Albania.

 Jeanne (after Jeanne Hachette) – a famous French heroine

 Artemis – Greek goddess of hunt

 Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom, war strategy, and arts and crafts

 Enyo – a minor Greek war goddess

 Bellona – the first Roman goddess of war

 Marfisa – warrior woman from Italian epic

 Cia (after Cia Ordelaffi) – a warrior who took part in the defense of Cesena during the crusade

 Dina and Clarenza – women warriors who defended the city from Charles of Anjou

 Blenda – a Swedish woman warrior

 Freyja – Norse goddess of fertility, war, death, battle, prophecy, magic, and wealth

 Valkyr – divine shieldmaidens

 Lagertha – Viking shieldmaiden, the ruler of Norway

 Ishtar – goddess of fertility, love, and war

Top female leaders

When looking for female warrior dog names, why not look into some of the names of the top female leaders? You already know that your girl will be master of your heart.

 Helle (after Helle Thorning-Schmidt) – Prime Minister of Denmark

 Kamala (after Kamala Harris) – the Vice-President of the United States

 Angela (after Angela Merkel) – the Chancellor of Germany

 Jacinda (after Jacinda Ardern) – the Prime Minister of New Zealand

 Sonia (after Sonia Sotomayor) – the US Supreme Court Justice

 Tarja (after Tarja Halonen) – President of Finland

 Dilma (after Dilma Rousseff) – President of Brazil

 Malala (after Malala Yousfzai) – an activist

 Sana (after Sana Marin) – the Prime Minister of Finland

 Maxine (after Maxine Waters) – the US Congresswoman

You already know that your girl will be master of your heart.

Bonus names: Other languages for warrior

If none of these names work for you, maybe you should consider naming your puppy after a word for warrior from some other foreign language. Here some of them that sound the most appealing.

  • Eloy – Spanish
  • Gerlari – Basque
  • Kappi – Icelandic
  • Koa – Hawaiian
  • Zhanshi – traditional Chinese
  • Guerriera – Italian
  • Senshi – Japanese
  • Jawata – Javanese
  • Jeonsa – Korean
  • Servan – Kurdish
  • Toa – Samoan
  • Mogale – Sepedi

There you have it, female warrior names for dogs that would fit any tough girl pup. Just enjoy the unconditional love and company your strong puppy will give you. And, remember – no matter which name from our list you choose you can’t go wrong!