200+ Tough Dog Names for your Pup

Puppies who will grow up to be athletic record breakers or protective guard dogs need appropriately tough names to fit their great abilities. Here is a list of the best tough names to fit your new pup!

Tough Male Dog Names

Whether your boy pup has a tough personality or is going to grow up to be a strong and mean guard dog, some of these names are sure to fit him.

● Bruce

● Diesel

● Jack

● Major

● Beast

● Wolf

● Spike

● Duke

● Fang

● Jax

● Hardy

● Bruno

● Frank

● Koda

● Trigger

● Remington

● Tank

● Ace

● Brutus

● Arthur

● Sniper

● Leo

● James

● Tyson

● Magnum

● Buster

● Blitz

● Fang

● Crusher

● Gunner

● King

● Indiana

● Saber

Tough Female Dog Names

Yes, girls can be tough too! Therefore your little girl pup can have a tough female dog name.

Similarly, girl pups can have a tough and combative personality which is why one one of these names could be a good fit.

● Luna

● Thora

● Lexi

● Natasha

● Stella

● Katniss

● Nova

● Hermione

● Moana

● Furiosa

● Diana

● Roxy

● Nina

● Hazel

● Karma

● Lara

● Lucy

● Zoe

● Buffy

Tough Dog Names Inspired by the Universe

Celestial bodies have names that can give your tough pup’s character a larger-than-life effect. Here are some of the best names inspired by the stars and planets of our universe.

● Luna

● Venus

● Comet

● Leo

● Jupiter

● Orion

● Pluto

● Neptune

● Ceres

● Cheron

● Nova

● Aurora

● Orbit

● Cosmo

● Halo

● Solstice

● Ursa

● Cassiopea

● Calypso

● Star

● Mars

● Sirius

● Haley

● Apollo

Tough Dog Names Inspired by Words that Symbolize Strength


If you want your pup to have a name that describes them perfectly and does not leave much up to debate, here are some tough names that will get the message across.

● Slay

● Able

● Hardy

● Flex

● Stud

● Sharpay

● Stark

● Toughie

● Stoney

● Punch

● Hero

● Rugged

● Rob (Robust)

● Talon

● Power

● Ruby

● Flair

● Fighter

● Kicker

● Queen

● Flame

● Ember

● Arrow

● Rocky

● Diamond

Tough Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures

If you want to make the name of your tough pup sound like they have both the brains and the brawn, check out this list of names of popular historical figures.

Napoleon – The famous French military general and political leader

Joan – Joan of Arc is considered a heroine of France for her role in the siege of Orléans

Alexander – The king of the ancient greek kingdom of Macedon who created one of the largest empires in history

Voltaire – Prolific writer, historian, and philosopher

Elizabeth – Elizabeth Petrovna, also known as Yelizaveta or Elizaveta, ruled as Empress of Russia from 1741 until 1762

Caesar – Caesar is a title of imperial character. It is derived from the cognomen of Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator

Dante – Dante Alighieri was a famous Italian poet, writer, and philosopher

Luther – Martin Luther was one of the most significant figures in Christian history whose beliefs helped birth the Reformation

Lincoln – The name of one of the best known American presidents

Victoria – Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain who ruled for 63 years, which is longer than any previous British monarch

Ramses – Ramesses II was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom

Nietzsche – German philosopher, cultural critic, and philologist known for popularizing the philosophy of nihilism

Roosevelt – Known as the youngest person to become president of the United States

Catherine – Catherine II, also commonly known as Catherine the Great, was the last reigning Empress of Russia and the country’s longest-ruling female leader

Aristotle – Aristotle is known as one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived and the first genuine scientist in history

Brutus – A Roman politician and orator, as well as the most famous of the assassins of Julius Ceasar

Muhammad – The Arab religious, social, and political leader and the founder of Islam

Hamilton – One of America’s most influential Founding Fathers.

Wolfgang – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, was a prolific and influential composer of the Classical period

Tough Dog Names Inspired by Superheroes

Tough dogs deserve a name that fits their strength.

Superheroes continue to gain in popularity not only for children but for puppies as well. Here is a list of tough superhero names that could be a good fit for your pup.

● Phantom

● Blade

● Wanda

● Robin

● Clark

● Wolverine

● Hellboy

● Hancock

● Daredevil

● Mystique

● Groot

● Thor

● Rorschach

● Phoenix

● Hawkeye

● Destroyer

● Gamora

● Shazam

● Loki

● Venom

● Marvel

● Hulk

● Panther

Rock & Roll Inspired Tough Dog Names

The names of many public figures and musical Rock & Roll bands can also be a great choice for your tough pup.

As a genre of music that is famous for its ability to pump up the audience with heavy and tough sounds, the names of many public figures and musical Rock & Roll bands can also be a great choice for your tough pup. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

● Ramone

● Sabbath

● Scorpion

● Zeppelin

● Jagger

● Cobain

● Axel

● Slash

● Linkin

● Chester

● Cooper

● Jovi

● Halen

● Banshee

● Beastie

● Sting

● Clash

● Pantera

● Siouxsie

● Snake

● Springsteen

● Santana

● Slayer

● Stooge

● Morrison

● Hendrix

● Misfit

● Poison

● Lennon

Unexpected Guard Dog Names

A more and more common practice when naming your pup, and perhaps soon to be guard dog, is giving them a silly or cute name. It’s easy to pick out a cute trait or two to fit your pup, no matter how tough they may be. This is a nice contrast to the usual tough dog with a tough name combination, which will always get a laugh out of people!

● Heart

● Liam

● Ammo

● Chico

● Button

● General

● Huckleberry

● Abraham

● Bean

● Swirl

● Tiny

● Sergeant

● Crumbs

● Blueberry

● Kiwi

● Gunner

● Smalls

● Eddie

● James

● Steve

● Harry

● Eggroll

● Sammy

● Brian

● Thomas

● Minny

● Archie

● Dumpling

● Leon

● Oliver

● Sugar

● Damsel

● Captain

● Cutie

● Spots

● Queenie

● Dash

● Lady

● Thimble

● Raspberry

● Strawberry

● Princess

● James

● Joe

● Sprinkles

● Timmy

● Teeny

● Nacho

● Ravioli

● Atom

● Cookie

● Pixie

● Poppy

● Rosie

● Sassy

● Spicy

● Sunny

And there it is! Whether you are bringing up a tough pup that will become a guard dog or a superb athletic performer, we hope that this list of tough names gave you the inspiration you were looking for. And remember, if all of the other tough names aren’t quite a good fit, there is nothing wrong with a great dane being named cupcake or tiny!