11 Fun Samoyed Facts You Need To Know

11 Fun Samoyed Facts You Need To Know

Samoyed is one of those picture-perfect breeds. We all know it for its impeccable white coat, and that wonderful Sammy smile. Yet, there is more to find out about this beautiful breed. 

Let’s see some samoyed facts we have for you!

1. Samoyed come from Siberia

Like Huskies, Samoyeds come from Siberia. Their breeders were semi-nomadic people from Asia to Siberia thousand years ago – the Sayantsi. They are quite sturdy so they were used to pull the sleds from time to time, but the main role these people had for them was herding. 

At first, the Sayantsi used samoyeds to hunt reindeer. However, as time went by, they stopped using them for hunting and began using them to herd the reindeer. 

2. Samoyeds iconic look

The smile helped Samoyeds not to drool and develop icicles around their mouth and lips when the temperatures were critically low.

While we all think of that perfect white coat when we imagine a samoyed, they can come in off-white colors too. The thing is that the white color is the most dominant one. Other colors that are recognized by the American Kennel Club are cream, biscuit, or white and biscuit.

Another thing Samoyeds are famous for is that adorable sammy smile. But, did you know that this smile is actually something that helped them out in the freezing climates? 

See, the smile actually helped them not to drool and develop icicles around their mouth and lips when the temperatures were critically low. 

3. Samoyeds are intelligent

Samoyeds are very intelligent. Some even say that they are so intelligent that they have a dose of independence. What this means for the common dog owner is that they need to make sure that the samoyed is trained well, and in time. It is very important to teach your samoyed to listen to you. Nut, don’t worry – training them with a firmer hand is something they will like as they are eager to please their owners.

4. Samoyeds are very sociable

They are extremely sociable, and adore humans and other pets alike.

Much like huskies, samoyeds are definitely not guard dogs. They are extremely sociable, and adore humans and other pets alike. The thing is, they will also be sociable with complete strangers. They may mouth a bark of alert, but after that they will turn back to the cuddly creatures they are.

5. Samoyeds need their owners

When we say that they need their owners, that is truly what we think. Many say that this bond between the human kind and samoyeds began with the Sayantsi people (yes, as early as that!). And, why then? Well, because they slept in tents close to samoyeds to keep themselves warm. They needed samoyeds, as much as samoyeds needed them to survive. That is why it is then that this bond was formed. 

Moreover, samoyeds are pack dogs. By definition this means that they do not do well on their own.

Going back to the topic, your samoyed will love spending time with you. The more time your sammy gets to spend with you, the more they will thrive. However, if you keep leaving your sammy alone for extended periods of time – they will begin alert barking all the time. Also, they may become disruptive, and develop anxiety. 

6. Samoyeds love to roam and dig

Yet again, something your sammy has in common with a husky. They both love to run away. This is due to their inborn instinct to roam. Therefore, always keep an eye on your sammy. Also, because they used to dig holes in order to keep warm, this breed has kept their instinct to dig. But, this time it is to get their energy out.

7. Samoyeds love to be active

Samoyeds are a strong breed. They adore long walks, fetch, running – everything that will help them get their energy out really. But, they like to play rough. This means that when they do play with children some extra care is always advised. They are not aggressive by any means – just not aware of their size. Silly goofs!

Also, if you don’t pay attention to how much activity your sammy is getting, and if you love giving them treats – be careful. That can easily lead to obesity. 

8. Samoyeds demand a bit more grooming

Samoyeds have the habit of grooming themselves. Plus, they never have that “repugnant” dog odor.

Naturally, this bundle of fur demands a bit more grooming than other dogs. Samoyeds shed a lot. Even when it is not their shedding season. This is why they need to be brushed at least once a day to keep the dirt and the loose hair away. Also, their teeth need to be brushed at least once a day (don’t forget to use a toothpaste for dogs).

Also, if you are worrying about that white coat getting dirty all the time – don’t. Samoyeds also have the habit of grooming themselves. Plus, they never have that “repugnant” dog odor. 

9 Their shedded coat can be used to knit

This is perhaps the most surprising of all facts. Apparently, you can use the coat that your sammy sheds to knit! They say that the shedded hair is so thick that when used for knitting it is reminiscent of the texture of angora wool.

10 The Queen adored Samoyeds

Queen Alexandria of Denmark – the Queen of the United Kingdom  from 1901 to 1910 – adored Samoyeds. She loved them so much that she became an avid breeder. She even promoted the breed. That is why many samoyeds today do have some links to the very dogs Queen Alexandria bred back then. 

11 Famous Samoyed

No, this famous Samoyed does not pull the sleds. And, no – she did not rescue anyone, or help sniff anything. This Samoyed is Instagram and YouTube famous! It is Maya the Samoyed we are talking about. You may have even watched more than once, she does have a huge pool of followers after all!

There is a lot more to a Samoyed than its white coat and that Sammy smile. This withe fluffy bundle of joy is intelligent, active, and loves your company. We hope that you liked our interesting facts as much as we did! 


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